Hottest Trend This Fall: Ombre.  French term meaning "shaded".  Highlights are placed on the ends of the hair to give a natural lightened look.
Dark hair fading into light hair is achieved by the ombre hair coloring technique.
A new, trendy look that requires little upkeep.  Perfect for any hair color. Make sure to get ombre highlights for summer!
Styling Tips:
  • Before you use a flat-iron, curling iron or any other hot tool, make sure hair is thoroughly dried - otherwise, the heat can cause damage. The one exception: wet-to-dry-flat-irons, which are specifically designed to be used on damp hair.
  • A nozzle and diffuser are great attachments for the blow-dryer. These attachments can make the difference between a good blow-dry and a great one! A nozzle directs air-flow to give you a smoother blow-dry and a diffuser allows you to dry curly or wavy hair without causing frizz.
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The Hair Files: Straight Talk
Transform your hair from unruly to smooth and sleek. Learn how to recreate an ultra-straight salon style with this step-by-step techniques and tools.
Be sure to protect your hair from heat, UVA, and UVB rays during summer months.
Slide Show:
Here is some of my work. I'm very versatile when it comes to different colors and haircuts. More photos to come!